About Me

I call it my “boom year”. My inspiration for Digital Editing began when I was in 8th grade. I was 13 years old. Since then, the creation, production, and post-production of a video has been where I feel at home. 

I remember the day when I was watching my favorite TV Show, LOST. I would always wait anxiously for each episode to end just to watch the Promo for the next episode. I would stand up and get really close to the TV to catch every detail of it. I loved the idea of how a 29 second video, could say so many things about an hour-long show. It went by really fast, yet it seemed so complete: you could barely see what was happening, but it was intriguing.

Several days later, as my obsession with the promos grew, I asked my father for help. I asked him if he knew about any digital editing software available on a PC. He told me about Sony Vegas Pro. I installed it, and began downloading clips of LOST on YouTube to create my own promos. Those were my first videos I edited. Later on, I participated in a contest to edit a promo for LOST, which I didn’t win, but it was a huge opportunity to test my skills with material provided by ABC Studios.

Several weeks later, my Junior High Art Department teacher made an announcement: she was looking for a student to edit the school play’s trailer. As soon as I heard about it, I knew that was my shot. 

Since I didn’t have any professional editing skills at that time, it took me 3 months to edit it. I finished it and uploaded it to YouTube. I received a bunch of positive comments from my friends, teachers, and family. I was really satisfied with my work, to say the least. 

As time went by, and my skills improved, I felt the need to get serious about editing. Six months later, in November 2010, I went to my parents’ bedroom and told them I needed a Mac computer. They were not very happy about the idea since it implied a considerable investment, but a couple of days later, as I kept insisting, they finally agreed. So we went to an Apple retail store and spent some good time trying to figure out which Mac fulfilled my needs. 

I got home and asked my uncle for help. I asked him to contact me with someone who knew about editing software for Mac. He told me he had a friend who worked on digital editing. He got a hold of him, and his friend lent me his copy of Final Cut Pro software. I installed it. Naturally, I was completely lost. I knew nothing about the software. I was frustrated at that time. So I called my uncle’s friend and asked him if he could give me some tutoring for it. He agreed and very soon things started to change. 

Months passed, and I was learning the quirks of the software to the point that I had mastered the basic skills and plenty of the advanced features available. 

Very soon I realized that I loved music video editing. I began producing my own homemade videos and spent much of my time editing them in the afternoons. I asked my friends to star on some of the videos and, thankfully, they all agreed happily.

These days I produce and edit all kinds of videos, from Music Videos to TV ads, TV spots, promos, etc.

Why me?

I know I have something that connects me to my clients. I feel I understand their vision and that I can effectively create a product that will surpass their expectations. I’m a very positive person; I want my client not only to be satisfied and happy, but mostly, I want them to watch their video over and over again, feeling constantly surprised, as if they were watching it for the very first time. I strive to fulfill all of their requirements, so that at the end of the day they go home with something worth watching.  

The feeling

What I love the most about editing a video is that I can transmit emotions. I express myself throughout it, communicating with the viewer from start to finish. When I watch one of my videos, I watch it about 7 times consecutively, non-stop, because I can really feel the love behind it. I really believe I can make something unique, something people can talk and learn about.

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